Everyday we are running in a race against time. For hours, we stare at our monitors, tablets and smartphones. However, it is very important to stop and wonder for a minute. A small adventure and discovery of a new places is a great way of doing so. Our trip across the Baltic Sea was one of the best exprerience we ever had.

We sailed through Rugia Island, North Germany, Bornholm and Christianso. There is something in the sea that calms you and makes you think about many things, but we should also mention that not always that 'calming' part is true, while Baltic Sea can be very tedious. Anyway, when you reach the ports of Bornholm Island you suddenly understand that there is something beautiful about that place. The kind of trip for everybody.

First day, after 10 hours of sailing, we reach the port Sassnitz, which is a kind of 'half-way there' place to Bornholm. We've had delicious dinner made of local specialities and fresh fishes. Sassnitz has one of the most beautiful National Park with huge white cliffs. After first night on a boat, we woke up and sail the whole day. After 14 hours we were there. Bornholm - Port Hammerhavn and legendary ruins of Castle Hammerhaus. We spent some lovely moments with Mother Nature and fresh air. Almost forgot... we probably had the best Ice Creams of our lives.

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The Pearl of our trip was Christianso Island. Pristine in a way. You will find three shops, one restaurant, one school and one church there. Less than 120 people lives there. Place where you can forget about modern world and all the worries that comes with it. Plus, you will visit the whole Island in less than 3 hours. Nex day we sail to Svaneke 'The City of the Sun", named after the fact that it is the most sunny place in Europe. Fun fact right? We enjoy quality food and beer there, as well as some amazing views, but what about design and arts there? Danish people are known for their Scandinavian style, which is characterized by clean and simple layouts and something we absolutely love in a design. The Message must be appealing to the eyes but clean and simple and we find evidence of that in almost every restaurant menu, shop brochure and storefronts.

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So, we most definetely recommend discovering Bornholm and it's secrets. For last evening we sat at this lovely Beach-Bar and listened to old Vinyls and enjoyed local brewery. Our trip could not end in a better way - great music, awesome beer! #gobornholm.